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The Mandate
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Congress WBN - Ethical Initiatives for Nations Development

Philosophy of Function

The core elements of the motivational position of Congress Corporate are:


The responsibility to receive the Reformation doctrine, principles and patterns for processing, customization, application and distribution to the business realm. The formation of a global network of like-minded Business Leaders and Kingdom Businesses provides the mechanism through which the World Breakthrough Network implements and develops the vision of God‘s plan for business people in the thrust towards the completion of His purpose.


The requirement to teach, impart, nurture, support and develop the operations and mentalities of Kingdom Business Leaders and Businesses to be a resource for the growth, expansion and financing of Kingdom initiatives through C-WBN.

A key requirement is to impart an accurate Kingdom-based paradigm to business people to enable a more relevant and effective interface with the world-system and to redefine the parameters of revelation understanding of God’s Word for the business realm to effect a measurable advance of the Kingdom in our time.


The responsibility to contribute, collaborate and build synergistic relationship within the Network and to initiate and develop relationships with organizations with similar and related objectives throughout the earth.

In the Network, relationships are mutual, voluntary and non-legislated. Congress Corporate is based on committed personal and business relationships joined together by a common general vision. The relationships demand the cooperative smaller inputs of the individual parts to create increasing value for all parties and greater influence, capacity and reach of the Network.


Within Congress Corporate, members move in voluntary accountability to mutually agreed oversight and counsel based on relationship, while still maintaining the essential autonomy of their individual operations.

Congress Corporate holds very strongly to the position that the unique identity of each individual member and business must be preserved, recognized, developed and enhanced. It is in the principle of diversity that the multifaceted expression of the Lord through the Network can be achieved (1 Corinthians 12: 4 - 7).

Kingdom Businesses and Business leaders within Congress Corporate are committed to accountability, transparency, leadership counsel and insight from the C-WBN Leadership Team.




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