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The Mandate
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Congress WBN - Ethical Initiatives for Nations Development

Our Mandate

Congress Corporate is a global network of interrelated Kingdom businesses and business leaders whose vision, resources, products and people are linked together in one unified purpose.

Congress Corporate, as the expression of Congress WBN in the global marketplace, is characterized by a significant inflow of apostolic grace into the lives and operations of its members.

In such a system of networking, the spiritual characteristics of covenant, integrity, transparency, loyalty and faithfulness assume premium value. Compromise of these life-giving qualities cannot be allowed within the system.

Our vision is to create an accurate and effective interface for the propagation and proclamation of Kingdom purposes, values, principles, mentalities and patterns in the global marketplace by raising up a global network of like-minded Business Leaders and Kingdom Businesses.

Our Mandate


  To extend the vision and activity of the C-WBN into the area of business and commerce
  To teach and impart a vision of God‘s plan for business people in the thrust towards the completion of God’s purpose
  To develop a global network of like-minded Business Leaders and Kingdom Businesses to implement and develop the vision and God-given purpose of C-WBN
  To propagate, support and implement the raising up of Kingdom Businesses.


  To impart an accurate Kingdom-based paradigm to business people to enable a more relevant and effective interface with the world system.
  To redefine the parameters of revelation understanding of God’s Word for the business realm and to publish and propagate the same to effect a measurable advance of the Kingdom in our time.
  To define an alternative economic philosophy by the application of Kingdom principles and the radical transformation of business operations and culture.

Member Support

  To provide counsel and insight to members.
  To provide administrative advice, aid and inputs to facilitate effective management and operations, growth and development of members.
  To provide an environment of challenge, encouragement, support and nurturing for all members to cause development and maturing in all aspects of the business.
  To enable and facilitate the implementation and development of the vision and purpose of each Congress Corporate member.




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